Camping Montiggl


Framed by the forest & lakes

Immerse yourself in an idyllic world where the stresses of everyday life pale into insignifi cance. Nestling between forest and vineyards, our camp site, within spitting distance of the two Montiggl lakes, is a refuge of recreation and relaxation, as well as the ideal starting point for countless hikes and bike rides. Enjoy culinary treats and a nice drop of local wine by the site,s own natural bathing lake.


  Fee Information
Adult 10,00 € - 12,00 €
Child until 3 years free
Child 6,00 € - 8,50 € kids from 3 - 9 years
Car incl.
Caravan 17,00 € - 35,00 € car included
Motorhome 17,00 € - 35,00 €
Tent 17,00 € - 35,00 € inclusive car, bike,
Small Tent 17,00 € - 35,00 € incl. Auto
Motorbike incl.
Dog 4,00 € per day
Power 0,70 € per kWh
Local tax 0,85 € per person/day (not for kids until 14 years)

Fresh drinking water and dark water connection, free Wifi,  power on consumption 0.70 € per kWh, pitches with 16 or 32 Amp., new sanitary blocks with baby bath and children's showers and toilets. 

Inclusive natural bathing lake with sunny grass-terrace, restaurant, café, pizzeria, shop with fresh bread open 7 days a week.

All prices are VAT included.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Water/waste connection
  • Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Shop/shopping facility
  • Children’s playground
  • Handicapped accessible
  • Pets allowed
  • Pizzeria
  • Snack bar
  • E-bike hire
  • Mountain bike
A place made for ...

… for your holiday: Eppan at the Wine Route


Located between mountains, forests, meadows and vineyards, Eppan awaits you with a truly varied landscape. Here, sports, nature and pleasure complement each other and make the wine villages in the sunny south of South Tyrol very special places. A place just perfect for some long needed recreation. The charming historic manors and the picturesque vineyards are ideal for taking a break and relaxing. Memories that will stay in your mind for a long time. Eppan at the Wine Route is as if just made for you.


Enjoy your leisure on foot

Short walks, challenging tours, sociable family hikes - everything is possible.


Hiking and Appiano on the Wine Route simply go hand-in-hand. For you need only step outside the door and there you are in the midst of the splendour of a natural landscape, which, with its forests, orchards, vineyards, lakes, castles and mountain peaks, might have been designed just to provide impressive excursions. Of course, we shall not deprive you here of the loveliest hikes.


Appiano on the wine route ..

Appiano has lots to offer for people on the move


For people, who like to spend their holiday practising a sport, Appiano on the Wine Route is a favourite destination.


On a holiday in sun-drenched Appiano on the Wine Route you will certainly not be bored. Here amid the splendour of Nature you are bound to find plenty of entertaining leisure activities, which will be fun for everyone. This means that every single day of your holiday conceals unforgettable experiences, about which you can regale your friends and colleagues when you return to your everyday routine. What's the betting that your friends will then also want to come to Appiano on the Wine Route?


Lake Kaltern / Caldaro

The Lake Kaltern is located on the Wine street, around 9 kilometres south of St. Michael | Eppan and the campsite Montiggl. It is situated 216 meters above sea level and gives its name to the wine made from the Vernatsch-grapes, which are grown in the nearby surroundings. 

The lake Kaltern is 1.8 km long and almost 1 km wide, which equates a surface of 155 hectares. It is filled in a shallow basin and therefore it is only 5.6 meters deep and that is the reason why South Tyrol biggest natural swimming lake gets heated up very quickly. 

In the south of the lake a reed bed area is situated, which shows a multifaceted offer of seldom birds and sweep animals and is as well a nature reserve. 

The other part of Lake Kaltern is more developed for tourism and especially on the east and west shore you find swimming areas, restaurants, hotels, car parks as well as two campsites near the lake. 

You can enjoy a wide sport program for windsurfing, kite surfing, stand up paddling and sailing. Furthermore you can rent rowing or pedal boats. Motorboats are forbidden. To run, hike or with the bike you can use the signposted walking path around Lake Kaltern.








The Montiggl Lakes

The big Montiggl Lake is located in the middle of the nature reserve Montiggl with its stunning mixed forest in the community of Eppan on 492 meters above sea level. It can be reached by car or by the numerous walking paths nearby. 

The big Montiggl Lake has a shoreline of 2 kilometres and its surface is around 18 hectares wide. At its deepest spot it has a depth of 11.5 meters. In the north-east it is surrounded by rock, whereat the opposite site it changes to a swamp. 

According to analyses the lake has very good data regarding the water quality and is therefore one of South Tyroles most popular swimming lake. In the west of the lake there are hotels, restaurants and a swimming pool with a pier located. 

Around big Montiggl Lake there is a walking path, along which you can find nice and cosy spots to relax or swim. For pedestrians and bikers there has been constructed a wooden bridge through the reeds, where the animals of the biotope can be perfectly observed. Nearby the “Seacastle” is located and rises thorough the reeds like a fairy-tale castle. 

Relaxation surrounded by nature: the little lake of Monticolo is surrounded by the nature reserve Montiggler forest - Mitterberg and is also used for bathing. Whoever is looking for a quiet time and wants to enjoy beautiful nature, is right here on the right spot. The public swimming baths in the little lake of Monticolo consists of a splendid lawn and a playground and enchants with a particularly idyllic atmosphere while bathing. The adjoining snack bar is ideal for a snack, a lunch, a delicious ice cream or an aperitivo after a relaxing bathing day. Also available is also a boat rental - please contact the snack bar if you want to row across the little lake of Monticolo. 

The lakes in Montiggl have been recently re-awarded with the highest distinction of the Italian National Nature Conservation, the so-called "5 VELE" for the very good water quality. That's why you jump here like spontaneously into the refreshing water. 





Camping Montiggl
Montiggler Straße, 62A
39057  Eppan,


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