Camping Südtirol 2022

w w w . c a m p i n g s u e d t i r o l . c o m i n f o @c a m p i n g s u e d t i r o l . c o m 6 South Tyrol in 90 seconds Zuid-Tirol in 90 seconden Contrasting symbiosis South Tyrol/Südtirol is the most Northern Province in Italy. It borders with Switzerland to the west, and with Austria to the East and to the North. South Tyrol has 530,000 inhabitants, whereby every fifth person lives in the capital of Bolzano/ Bozen. For more than five centuries, this region was part of Austria, until after World War I the victorious powers awarded it to their ally Italy. Today, South Tyrol is a role-model for different ethnic minorities living together, and where German, Italian and Ladin are the official languages. Alpine and Mediterranean South Tyrol means snow-covered mountains and palm promenades, cappuccino on the piazza, dumplings at alpine huts. But also living traditions and modern trends, protected buildings, and modern architecture. The cuisine is a symbiosis of traditional alpine dishes and Mediterranean finesse. Hence, here it is normal to get dumplings and spaghetti, crunchy “Schüttelbrot” bread and grissini. Spontaneous and reliable Three languages, three cultures, one living space: Alpine clarity and Mediterranean ease meet in South Tyrol and combine to a very special culture, which can be strongly noticed in contact with locals. Characterised by a moving history, South Tyrolean‘s are mainly spontaneous and hearty, reliable and authentic in everything they do. Nature and culture Orchards, vineyards and alpine pastures, dense leaved and needle forests stretching up to the Dolomite peaks and glaciers. Only 3% of the entire surface of South Tyrol is inhabited, and the number of farms and hotels is still equal. In South Tyrol, culture means more than visiting museums, churches and castles. Even though there are more than 400 castles in South Tyrol. Here, culture is a lifestyle, which can be felt in every-day life.